Welcome Goddard Students


Our company provides transportation between the Goddard campus and the Burlington International Airport. 

RATES  FOR THE 2018- 2019


  $105 for one rider        

  $60 each for two           

  $40  each for three 

  $35  each for four

  $30 each for 5 or more


We recommend ridesharing whenever possible for lower rates and a smaller carbon footprint. We are happy to help coordinate Goddard travellers.  Just submit your flight info and we will group riders with similar itineraries. Early reservations are helpful. 


Your arrival at BTV is easy.  Your driver will send a text when you land and  then park just outside the main door at the traffic island.  When you get to Goddard we will drop off at registration at the Community Center.


The pick up location for the return trip is at the Community Center.

Please remember that the travel time is approximately 1 hour with optimal road conditions so book your return trip with plenty of time for your flight.

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vermonttourandcharter@gmail.com                  802-734-1293